"Are You Making This Intimacy Destroying Mistake? What Road Rage Can Teach You That Might Save Your Relationship..."

One of the most important things in any relationship  is good communication… Almost everyone knows that… and the other thing most people know is that when that communication falls apart – so does the relationship.

What communication secrets can you learn from a guy that used to be the captain of an Alaskan fishing boat and went through one divorce and 3 broken engagements?

Discover why therapists, councilors and couples seek his advice… and how this simple secret  will help you avoid many of your painful and unnecessary upsets, misunderstanding and arguments.

The next video uncovers…

  • One of the most common painful mistakes in relationships.
  • How to turn anger into understanding
  • Discover what is really going on when you are  upsets
  • Why most lovers don't feel Heard, Understood or Valued in their relationship.
  • Why most people don't get what they want when they ask this way..

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'STOP… In The Name Of Love' 

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STOP... In The Name of Love

STOP… In The Name of Love

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'The Magic Relationship Method' Live Recorded Audio Interviews – MP3s'

Discover the 3 part relationship method to increase intimacy, understanding 
and connection and reduce misunderstanding, upsets and stress.

  1. Stop The Relationship Destroying Mistakes (what they are and how to void them)

  2. Rebuild the Bridge Between You (how repair any damage and how to communicate so both of you feel heard, understood and valued.)

  3. Creating a Bright Future (some guidelines on how to keep a good thing going and to create a future together)

Paul Sterling - Intimacy CoachThe Magic Relationship Method Interviews






The Magic Relationship Method Interviews


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