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Have you ever noticed that the people you love the most… can be the most difficult to talk to… Especially when the issues you want to talk about are important, impactful and emotional!!!


Here is the BAD NEWS: When your communication falls apart, so does your relationship!

THE GOOD NEWS: When you discover how to avoid these 5 communication mistakes, you can put an end to about 80% of your conflicts & misunderstandings. Get this book if you want to spend less time upset and arguing and spend more time communicating openly, honestly and lovingly.

5 Communication Secrets for Couples Who
Want Less Pain and More Passion

• Are tired of small disagreements blowing up into big fights
• Still love each other, but hate the way you communicate
• Want open, honest, compassionate communication
• Want to bring back love, trust, and intimacy
• Want less pain and more passion in your relationship

“Get the book and study it. Understanding and avoiding the 5 hurtful mistakes Paul points out in this book will help you prevent many of your upsets and arguments and bring back open and honest communication to your relationship.”Scott Catamas – Love Coach Academy, CA

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** A fresh prospective on some of the same problems.

I feel like this is a good starting point for people who are at a point in their relationship where they might not feel connected anymore. The book gives tips and examples on “how to” and “how not” to communicate.

One of the things it talked about was something called “case building”. This is when we “make a case” against someone and tell them all the bad without really listening to their reasons or their feelings.

One of the examples was a parenting example and I found that to be really reflective of how a lot of people parent, including how I was parented. So, even though this book is marketed towards romantic relationships, I think the communication techniques can be used in most situations.

The authors give TONS of exercises and practical application quizzes, and there are also videos on his website that correlate to the readings in the book so it’s a lot of information in short book.

** Argue Less Love More is a 911 call for your relationship! A quick read with immediate results.

Paul Shares 5 easily recognizable things we all do that get in the way of being heard, seen, understood and connected. Paul is super concise, compassionate and humorous. There is nothing in this book that you don’t need. Seeing these 5 ways that my partner and I have missed out on being really present with each other has re-ignighted the love that we always knew was there somewhere. I can’t wait for the next installment…!

** Such a good book!

Clear and simple — but challenging! There is a lot of really useful material here that requires some real attention, study, and practice.

Although it is aimed at couples, the advice is equally valuable for other relationships — family and friends. Paul Sterling is a master and his message represents a leap in consciousness for those of us striving for more love.

**Argue Less, Love More
Do you and your mate want a smoother relationship? Have you tried reading books and article to vague to immediately use? In “Argue Less, Love More” Paul Sterling succinctly distills the guidance of leading communications specialists into a user-friendly manual which reads like cliff notes.

After decades of counseling couples Sterling offers us the insights and language which derails distancing patterns (such as ‘case building’) and gives us the language to invite openness using specific questions tailored to bridge common communication gaps.

If you truly want to understand and be understood this quick read is a great handbook of useful phrases and tools that can open your hearts to one another and build the comfort and trust we all want with our mates – or children! Widely applicable. I look forward to using Argue Less, Love More with my husband and clients.

Jean Guenther, couple’s counselor for 44 years

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