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An intensive relationship training course that helps you master several methods of communicating that will transform the way you talk and listen to the people you care about.

This is a course for people who want much more love, intimacy and connection in their relationship and want to stop wasting time in painful arguments, making each other wrong and hurting each other’s feelings.

You’ll discover some incredibly powerful methods that makes it easier for you to enter someone else’s world… and for them to enter your world – creating a deep level of connection, compassion, and understanding.

This is for:

  • lovers who still love each other but hate the way they handle conflicts, upsets and misunderstandings.
  • people who want a breakthrough in their relationship.
  • couples who want to spend a lot less time upset with each other, making each other wrong, arguing over trivial things and wishing things were different… and spend more time enjoying each other, being intimate, compassionate.
  • partners who want to discover the secrets of communicating in a way that leaves both of you feeling HEARD, UNDERSTOOD and VALUED.

Both couples… and singles… are welcome.

The Breakthrough Course is to help lovers who want the future to be better then it ever was – The Best Is Yet to Come.

Over these three months, we will explore the habits, patterns, beliefs, and behaviors that get in the way of experiencing and expressing love and intimacy in your relationship.

This intensive 90-dayrelationship program to help you:
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